Deborah McLaughlin: Showing our caring side can help us all feel better

25th May 2021

At the end of last month Mulbury launched its inaugural Health, Safety and Wellbeing Week which, as well as promoting a safer workplace, aimed to bring people together and get us all talking more.

The health and safety team did an amazing job of pulling it all together. We had things happening on each of the five days, including laying on lunchtime get-togethers for our colleagues on site and wellbeing walks for our office-based teams.

We received some fantastic comments from our colleagues, subcontractors, and clients on the week of activity. It was a useful reminder that making the time to look after our own wellbeing, and looking out for others, is essential.

A changing industry

The days when construction workers went without basic safety equipment, harnesses, gloves, masks and so on was highlighted as part of our campaign, showing how far the UK has come on health and safety.

But it was the messages on overall wellbeing that were best received. To me, it was a great example of how property and construction has changed for the better. This is an industry about people first and foremost.

Part of the week was highlighting to our colleagues the support on offer through The Lighthouse Club, which provides physical and mental health support for construction workers and their families, including a dedicated telephone support service.

We used the occasion to share The Lighthouse Club’s powerful ‘Help Inside the Hard Hat’ campaign, which shows us that behind the hard hats and hi-vis jackets are real people, with families and lives outside the workplace.

A purposeful future

It has now been over 10 years since Mulbury was founded with two directors, a single site and no directly employed staff.

I’ve watched Mulbury grow and now as a Mulbury non-executive director, it has been great to see the organisation maturing into a responsible and purposeful organisation that is about so much than just building new homes. The wellbeing week was a great example of this, putting our teams at the heart the organisation.

The same goes for the sector at large and it was great to see the construction sector supporting National Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10-16) across the board – another marker of just how much things have changed in a positive way.

There is so much more Mulbury wants to do to continue to add value to our communities and to being a great employer and we’re looking forward to continuing that journey in the months and years ahead.

In the meantime, let’s all keep talking and looking out for each other.

Deborah McLaughlin is a non-executive director of Mulbury and former regional director for Homes England