Mulbury Land


Mulbury Land is a strategic partnership between Mulbury and North West town planning and development consultancy, PWA Planning. We work with landowners to achieve planning permission for sites which can deliver residential and mixed commercial uses.

The principal aim of Mulbury Land is to work with landowners to determine and maximise land sale and development opportunities

The Mulbury Land service is bespoke, creating agreements and arrangements tailored to suit individual landowners, often with the landowner remaining involved in the promotion of their land.

Having experienced planning consultants at the heart of this service, Mulbury Land guarantees a truly expert, planning-led service, helping landowners navigate the complex planning process to realise the true value of their land.

Greg Mulligan

Co-founder and Director

Do you have a land opportunity you would like to discuss in a confidential, no obligation basis? Please call or email me. We’d like to hear from you.

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