What we do

We specialise in the procurement and delivery of quality affordable housing, inspiring care schemes and open market residential projects, as well as the support services that are vital to creating vibrant and successful building projects.

We don’t just build homes. We build relationships and communities through trust, technical excellence and strong professional values.

Design and build

Our experience and technical knowledge of designing and building high grade affordable homes and care projects is underpinned by our technical expertise and understanding of regenerating brownfield sites.
We work collaboratively with partners who share our dedication to creating places that are great to live in as well as to look at. This means producing fresh and imaginative schemes that help to enhance residents lives and support sustainable communities. Integral to this relationship-based approach is a commitment to delivering schemes on time, every time.

Land sourcing

As part of our close working relationships with clients and other development agencies, we are committed to identifying sites that are suitable for the development of sustainable neighbourhood schemes. Our people have considerable experience of land acquisition and extensive contact networks, along with intrinsic knowledge of national planning policy.

Planning procurement

Our close working relationships with clients, combined with our specialist insight and technical awareness, means our plans are soundly conceived and robustly developed. Our knowledge of legislative obligations and the needs of our partners enables us to deliver proposals that are exactly what local authority planners are looking for in the development of sustainable communities, understanding housing requirements, and working closely with local people.

Value for money and cost control

We are aware of the need for greater value for money, and are keenly focused on competitive pricing without compromising quality.

This means we provide highly cost effective solutions for all our projects, while meeting all criteria for Housing Quality Indicators, Code for Sustainable Homes, Lifetime Homes and Secured by Design. We have a cost-conscious approach to working with remediation contractors to minimise the impact of contamination on a site, as well as with civil engineers in relation to ground works and foundations.

We work closely with our development partners to ensure our schemes deliver value for money to achieve budget targets, while our flexible approach to innovative methodologies enhance our target objectives.